Product Description

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Filter Stage:-

Sediment Filter: The sediment filter is an retreated filter which removes ordinary sediments (clay, rust, send, etc.) in the water through 1-10 micron (1/1000 mm) pores. The seiments filler cartridge is easy to change and allow the customers to verify the filters level of contamination through naked eyes, providing and high reliability.

Pre-Carbon Filter: The carbon filter that used activated carbons utilizing chemical abs option eliminates the chlorine generated during the process of treatment for the water and also other organic compounds and odors to make the city water just as natural water.

RO Membrane Filter: We understand on the importance of clean water. The Reverse Osmosis membrane provides a definite answer for this. It will remove all micro-organisms format tap water and produce sterile water. Reverse Osmosis is the reversal of the natural flow of osmosis. The goal is not to dilute the salt solution, but to separate the pure water from the salt and other contaminants.

Post Carbon Filter: The filter has the function preventing the propagation of germs and eliminating odors melted into water and bad taste, coloring matter and then generate colores and odorless clean drinking water.

Technical Specifications
Output Flow Rate
8 to 15 Ltr. / hr.
Inlet Pressure (Min.)
0.5 Kg. / sq. cm
Rejection of TDS (Min)
90% Approx.
Recovery (Min)
Electrical Supply
220 Volts + 10%, 1 phase, 50 Hz AC
Input 220 Volts DC
Output - 24 volts DC
Booster PUmp
24 volts DC
Main Frame, 36 x 20W / 48H cm
Storage Tank: Dia. 30 cm H 40 cm
Weight (Total)
15 Kg. Approx.
Tank Capacity

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