Fuel Saver (Petrol / Diesel Saver)

Fuel Saver (Petrol / Diesel Saver)
Fuel Saver (Petrol / Diesel Saver)
Product Description


Saves fuel cost!!!

Reduces air pollution!!!

1. About Product

Fuel Saver is a patented brand‐new product specially designed to save fuel cost and reduce


For these days of fuel cost going higher and higher & CO2 reduction regulations imposing, what

is important to consider, beside choosing good car or auto, bike, what’s important factor to

maintain it is fuel cost and contaminants reductions. Under the circumstances, Fuel saver has

been developed through 5 years research and development.

Fuel Saver offers semi‐permanent additive solutions to the higher fuel cost and air pollution by its

patented technology.

Fuel Saver enables to save gasoline or diesel consumptions

Fuel Saver enables to reduce contaminants

Fuel Saver enables to increase power of the engine

Fuel Saver is a device that guarantees smaller fuel consumption. Fuel Saver is easy to be

put into motorcycles, vehicles, trucks, ships, etc., of any type and any year. Free of maintenance

and modifications, the installation is very simple, is not necessary to cut or to make adaptations.

Just put it into the fuel tank. Fuel Saver enables to save between 6% ~ 36% of gasoline or diesel

consumptions, reduce contaminants by 47.9% ~ 56.3 % and increase 26.10% of the power of the


2. Product Specifications

Fuel Saver works on cars, trucks, motorcycles, ships, industrial engine internal combustion engine.

Its technology is proven to significantly reduce fuel costs for years for engine life‐long.

􀁺 Specifications

Features: Saving fuel consumptions / Reducing contaminants / Increasing power of the


Emitting: Far Infrared Rays & Anion

Capacity: 500 cc / 1 piece

Size: 1.7 cm x 8.2 cm x 0.5 cm

Weight: 32 g / piece


More miles to go by a liter

Reduces the toxic gas emission

Increases the power of engine

Goes with engine life‐long

Free of Maintenance

It contains far infrared rays and anion that work to break down the fuel molecule smaller

and smaller and help better consumption in engine and smaller and help better consumption in enginearranty: 5 years


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