Coin And Card Operated Water Vending Machines

Coin And Card Operated Water Vending Machines

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We are esteemed manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Koowa Coin And Card Operated Water Vending Machines in Surat, Gujarat, India.

  •  Built-in intelligent coin validating system for convenient to use
  •  Low Power consumption
  •  Ro Capacity -250 -LPH -1000lph.
  •  Storage Capacity : 250 -1000 Ltr.
  •  Coin Mechanism accept single coin of new Rs.1/ Rs.2/ Rs.5
  •  Coin Mechanism Type : Coin Comparator & Multi Channel Coin Operator
  •  Channel 1 Water Dispensing Capacity:  200ml to 2 Ltr.
  •  Channel 2 Water Dispensing Capacity:  Above 2 ltr- 20 ltr.
  •  Coin can not jam in coin mechanism system.
  •  Coin return system for return coin, if do not want to dispense water after insert coin.
  •  Programmable Timer / Volume based Water Dispensing (200ml to 20 Liters)
  •  Programmable password for admin & operator.
  •  Programmable Coin selection Rs.1/Rs.5/Rs.10 & water quantity (100 ml to 20 Ltr)
  •  Reports of Total no. of coin collection (day / date wise)
  •  Revenue Reports (total collection report)
  •  Inbuilt water totalizer.
  •  Report of Total quantity water dispense (day/date/month wise)
  •  Contact less Smart Card authentication for Water Dispense
  •  Outers card can not accepted
  •  Inbuilt Smart Card recharging unit
  •  GSM ( sim card ) inbuilt .
  •  Web site competitive ( optional )
  •  RFID Card printing ( optional )
  •  Daily report of Card Recharge (day/date/month wise)