Biocera Anti Oxidant Alkaline Water Filter

Biocera Anti Oxidant Alkaline Water Filter

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We are matured manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Biocera Anti Oxidant Alkaline Water Filter in Surat, Gujarat, India. For the first time in INDIA, anti oxidant alkaline water jug is within your reach. This will increase the PH and minerals of any purified drinking water. This product contains a long life cartridge which contains special BIOCERAMIC BALLS produced by blending , molding & firing various types of BIOCERAMIC powders made from natural stones.
The special blend of BIOCERAMIC BALLS are:

*Minerals *Tourmaline *Superceramic Far Infra Red (FIR) *Negative Ion Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP)*Alkalinity * Antibacterial * Chlorine elimination
Why does our Body need Alkaline water?
• Human beings are born with blood PH ranging from 7.35-7.46 termed healthy blood
• As we grow up, we drink breathe and eat too much acidic food , beverages and water
• This causes acidic waste buildup resulting in diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cancer , heart ailments, arthritis , faster aging and many other diseases
• We can neutralize and clean our bodies by drinking antioxidant alkaline water regularly
• Alkaline water can effectively combat acid foods, beverages, water & air
• Our bodies contain nearly 80% water and blood, the food and water we consume dissolves in our blood and runs throughout our bodies.